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    Depends on the value of your vehicle
  • Do you check my credit?

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We pride ourselves on Car Title Loans and getting you cash in under an hour regardless of your credit history.


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eTitleLoan uses the title to your vehicle as its only collateral to get you the Auto Title Loans that you need.


Fresno Car Title Loan

Fresno Car Title Loan For People With Bad Credit

Nothing is as damaging to financial well-being as a bad credit rating. It makes it seem virtually impossible to secure any type of loan in these financial times. Many people try to go the traditional route and get a loan through a bank, finding themselves rejected time and again because of a bad credit rating. Our Fresno auto loan service began because we saw a need for people with bad credit to be able to get loans despite of it. We can get a loan to you even if you have the lowest credit rating possible. That's because we don't rely on a credit rating to approve you. Our loans to you are approved because you own the title to your car or are very close to owning the title.

To speak to a local representative immediately please call: (559) 336-4062

Cities We Service

  • -Downtown Los Angeles
  • -Central Los Angeles
  • -Long Beach
  • -Oakland
  • -Downtown Oakland
  • -Ontario
  • -Orange County
  • -Riverside
  • -Sacramento
  • -Downtown Sacramento
  • -San Diego
  • -Downtown San Diego
  • -San Francisco
  • -San Jose
  • -Downtown San Jose
  • -Stockton

  • Because our loan to you is based on you using your car title as collateral, you are approved for a Fresno auto loan without being subjected to a credit check. Your loan amount is based on the value of your car and your ability to pay (income) we get your loan to you almost always on the same day as your application.

    Auto Equity Loans

    Unlike traditional loans, we don't have a lengthy approval process. Our Fresno auto loan is designed to be quickly reviewed and approved based on a minimum number of requirements. So many other Fresno auto loan places look for reasons to deny a loan. We look for reasons to approve. Our application process is as simple as it gets.

    You fill out the online form with a minimum amount of information. It takes 5 minutes or less to complete the form, and then you are pre-approved based on the fact that you own or are close to owning the title of your car. You'll receive a phone call from us to verify the information on your Fresno auto loan. We'll then set up an in-person meeting between you and one of our mobile loan agents to verify and finalize your Fresno auto loan. The time and place of the meeting is entirely up to you.

    Online Title Loans

    The best part is the last step: Us handing your loan to you. The meeting doesn't take very long and ends with a Fresno auto loan in your hands. How much money you will be able to borrow will depend on how much equity you have in the vehicle and your ability to pay, so you must provide proof of income.We strive to ensure that the loan to you is in your hands the same day of your application. It's important for us to get your loan to you this quickly because most people apply for a car title loan when they need money quickly, and we realize that time is a huge factor in this loan working to your maximum benefit.

    Repayment is always a concern for our clients and it is to us as well. This is usually a short-term loan and people want to pay off this loan as quickly as possible. We strive to create repayment terms that allow you to comfortably pay off the loan in the least amount of time, but also in a length of time that doesn't create a financial hardship on you. Our loan agents work with you diligently to make sure that your repayment terms work to your maximum benefit. Contact us today to get started on a successful auto title loan that will help you financially.

    All California loans are 24 months in length with an APR Up To 180%

    Founded in 1885,The Fresno Chamber of Commerce has since then dedicated their efforts into creating a greater business community for the city of Fresno. Here at eTitleLoan we encourage the Fresno Chamber to push for success and are here to help you any way that we can.

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