Car Repair Loans

Car Repair Loans – Fund Your Needed Repairs Today

You have been putting off needed repairs to your car for months. You really need to fix that ding on the car. With your expenses outweighing your income, there is a reason that these needed repairs have fallen off your to do list. You can’t afford them. You need extra funds to get the repairs done that you need. You don’t want to use your high interest rate credit card or even take out a traditional personal loan from a bank because of your credit. Is there an option for car repairs without a credit check and high interest rate?

Yes, for car owners, eTitleLoan has customized short-term, personal loans for car repair, or just getting caught up on that pile of bills that never seems to end. Based on the value of your car looking at year, make, model, and mileage, our team will set up a temporary loan ranging from $500 to $15,000. This is done without a credit or employment check. Both the amount of the loan and the interest rate are not determined by your personal credit. Both are based on your car’s value.

Unlike the high interest rate of payday loans and personal loans at the banks, our loans are structured with the lowest interest rate to give you low monthly payments over your payback period. Typically, our customers receive home repair loans and car repair loans within the same day as applying. Could this be a solution to your car’s dings?

How to Get a Car Repair Loan? The process of getting a car repair loan is simple, quick, and without credit check with eTitleLoan. Our process is not done at the bank, during traditional hours, or with tons of forms. You simply apply online or over the phone. You will be asked your personal information and car’s year, make, model, and mileage. At no point will we run your credit history or employment.

Once you have applied, within minutes a loan specialist will notify you of the amount of your loan. To finalize the loan, you will meet with one of our mobile loan agents who will bring your short-term loan to you in person at a location and time of you choice, even in your neighborhood. The opportunity to use your car to get needed repairs done awaits. Get on the phone or online to get your funds brought directly to you today.


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